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Naresh Goyal: JetAirways Founder Offloaded – Trying to Run AWAY?

Naresh Goyal: JetAirways Founder

Naresh Goyal, founder of the Grounded JetAirways, offloaded from a flight. They were travelling to Dubai. On Sat, Mr Goyal and his wife boarded an Emirates Flight to Dubai at 4:15 PM after clearing all the immigration. 

Reports say that Mr and Mrs Goyal were travelling to London on a Connecting flight to Dubai. Officials say: “The plane was pushed back and asked to return to the terminal where immigration Authorities offloaded Naresh and Anita Goyal”

A third passenger, sick, also off-boarded along with the former. Emirates and Jet Airways official verdicts to come out yet.

Naresh Goyal: Founder of JetAirways

Jet Airways, one of the biggest aircraft fleet in India stopped it operation since 17th April. Preceding with resignations of top notch directors of the Airlines including the founder Naresh Goyal. Jet Airways owes huge debts to the banks accounting to around Rs 8500 crore. Stakeholders and Employee debts account to around Rs 25000 Crore.

One might remember, the whole fiasco with Jet Airways staff protesting to keep the airlines alive. They petitioned the government to step and help.

All the officials asked SBI, the principal lender to pump in money. So that they can keep the airlines breathing. Many employees never got their salaries. A deal was initially struck where SBI agreed to pay but then later backed out.

Naresh who was once lauded by everyone is now considered as a defaulter and an offender.

Reports also say that Naresh and Wife Anita were trying to flee to London aware oft the Fact that owe such huge debts in the country. Feared of the new governance formed by Modi.

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