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Prostitutes are not criminals. Are they victims? Find Out 5/5 (5)


There is a saying humans are hungry of flesh and blood. Many of us have read it and has definitely correlated it with the real world. And thought of wars, disputes and riots. But does this end over their only or it has a different significance too. Hunger for flesh is a big statement and sounds even bigger. But it’s something we witness a-lot around us. We speak things about it. Comment on it. Look down on it. But never take a stand for it. Sometimes giving your own flesh for survival becomes a need. A situation one can’t escape. Yes this is about prostitution,prostitutes, street walking or the so called sex industry.

People are hungry for flesh not only in any specific way but in every possible way. Likewise we all have heard of this sex industry present in the darkness of every rich, wealthy place. Nights are like these no matter where you live. How you live and what your perceptions are. Screams are pleasure for many. Handcuffs are interesting. A heart full of pain, eyes filled water and a taped mouth is a symbol of superiority and dominance. And then we blame the one in the business.

Prostitutes are not the criminals nor are they victims

Why not to blame those tag those who let this business flourish in the exchange of the decent lives of those innocent girls tricked to enter this filthy world. They are characterless they don’t have emotions. Sleeps with everyone, don’t deserve our attention are the great remarks we give them. Why is it like that why don’t we held those people wrong who destroy the lives of these prostitutes.

If this game is played all over the nation in every nic and corner. Why don’t we give some respect to the prostitutes by calling their work a profession. Why prostitution a negative term not for those who has a want for them but for those who are surviving other in return of income of payments.

We all work for a better life style and survival. Though the professions can be different then what’s the issue of giving dignity to any profession. Prostitution is a profession and prostitutes too should have some dignity and respect. They work to serve people peace and pleasure. If you never demanded for it they won’t exist.

Now that people have entered in this profession of prostitution better to give them the respect. That every individual has a right of.

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