Vegan YouTuber leaves Veganism. Breaks Down And eats Raw Eggs


A vegan athlete and YouTuber was kicked out by a vegan company that he founded. He is getting backlash for saying he will eat meat again. After he admitted eating raw eggs and salmon last year after a 35 day water fast.

Tim Shieff appeared on American Ninja Warrior and is a champion free-runner. He prominently features in media as an athlete for his vegan lifestyle. Also appeared in the film ‘What the Health?’ and contributed to ‘Forks Over Knives’ He has a social media followings of over 85,000 Instagram followers and 175,000 Youtube subscribers.

Recently, Shieff made a shocking admission that he is no longer a vegan. He admitted  to have eaten raw eggs and salmon after finishing a 35 day water fast.

In his video “Am I still vegan?” Tim said he was experiencing health issues while he was on vegan diet. He had “fatigue, digestion issues, lack of energy, depression, brain fog” also “waking up stiff” in joints.

“I could not do push-ups without injuries,” he said.

‘I was also drinking my own urine for two years’ he said.

After a 35 day try, he tried animal products like wild-caught salmon and local raw eggs. And he felt better. After eating salmon, he ejaculated for first time in many months.

He tried Vegan food again for some time and went back to consuming animal products again.

He announced it in a video and stepped down from the vegan clothing brand ETHCS he founded.

Tim is receiving hate messages on his Instagram after his admission and people are calling him a hypocrite.

For a long time Shieff was inspirational example for veganism.

“Sorry to hear about the animals who’ll suffer at Tim’s expense,” said another.

While some supported his decision to put his health first.

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