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Youth Are The Future Think About Them – Never judge someone 5/5 (6)


Youth is the pillar of the castle we are planning to build tomorrow. Certainly a country lacking in gold. But have a great youth population is considered to be the richest county or nation in today’s scenario.

But are we so greedy that we focus only on our country’s growth economically and politically. Yes youth is the future if we have the educated population efficient in every field. It will lead to progress and welfare.

But in the run of this don’t we forget one important element that can change our youth in one go. From fully efficient to completely inefficient. And that is the mental heath of today’s youth. The problems, anxiety, hesitation they have or they possess while running in this marathon competing with the companions to be better in every possible field.

More then brotherhood a thing has developed called the desire to be the best. To be called the winner. Yes you might be thinking about winning achieving great goals is a good thing. A good step in ones life.

Anxieties faced by the youth is a real issue

But have you ever focused or even tried to think about what is really going on in ones life while facing this competitive world. Not helping but competing with others. And then we say brotherhood is lacking in today’s generation. They don’t have that sharing, helping nature.

Ever thought what has changed in the past few years that the kids rather all kids have changed. The atmosphere has changed. When a child tries to talk about some personal issues with their parents. The closest person in their lives. Issues that a young adult faces while adulting. Anxieties related sexuality, sexual issues, desire to know more, attraction to some companions. But what do they hear in return is you are not focused on your path. You lack ambition that’s why you are having such thoughts and anxieties.

Think before you answer this dose’t help anyone in need. The issues don’t end they still ticks in the brain no matter how much they try to focus. Every one has their own issues one can never compare a child with another. One’s problems and abilities can never and should never be compared or thought to be in someone other.

People think those who are not clear about their sexuality. Or on a path of discovery are mad or faking it. But you have not experienced that issues that anxiety, That block in your mind that makes you feel helpless. Creates a desire to know about ones own self and the path to move on. So never judge someone and don’t make fun of them. You don’t know what’s the real reason for someone’s thought pr behavior.

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